A Discipleship Ministry
Dedicated to leading others into a deeper relationship with Christ, we leverage relationships, resources and our experience to impact your prayer, fellowship, outreach and Bible study in a positive manner.
Four Focus Areas Of Spiritual Growth
Our connection to God through prayer is very special, however, we often forget all that prayer can be.  Leveraging proven methods to enhance your prayer life, you will get closer to God than you ever thought possible.
God's Word can often be confusing and hard to relate to our daily lives.  Some see the Bible as a historical set of books.  We will help you develop study habits that are tried and true, enabling you to get the most from your daily Bible study.
Spending time with one another is what we are designed to do.  With quality relationships and fellowship, we develop our community of believers and learn to rely on one another as well as lift each other up
We are called to share God's Word.  It is clearly written in the Bible. The process of doing this can be scary and very uncomfortable.  Leverage proven methods to share God's good news with others while being confident in our abilities 
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